Dynasty Disclaimer & Payment Rental Agreement

Please take note that all deposits made are non-refundable. No refunds will be given in case of cancellations after making the deposit payment. However, cancellations are made more than 30 days before the event date. In that case, the deposit amount will be credited for future use. Refunds or credits will not be issued 30 to 15 days before the event. Full payment is expected 15 days before the event unless the vehicle can be re-booked for the same scheduled day. The remaining balance will be charged to your credit card 24 hours before the event unless you’ve made prior arrangements for the driver to collect payment upon arrival. By making the deposit payment, you agree to all the terms in this contract, which is a signed agreement. For those using our service without a deposit (corporate accounts), you also agree to the terms in this contract, and using our service acts as a signed agreement.
Receiving credit card information by any method such as telephone, cell, fax, email or in person denotes a commitment to purchase rental vehicle and authorization to charge the credit card. Regardless of payment method, all vehicles require a valid credit card on file in case of overtime, overcapacity, or incidentals.

Please note that if you require additional hours or exceed the designated time, the extra hours will be charged to your credit card in one-hour increments. If there are more guests than the vehicle can accommodate, we will dispatch another vehicle, if available, and you will be charged accordingly. It is important to keep in mind that any damage caused to the vehicle by any passengers will be assessed and billed to the booking party at the end of the service.Please note that if you require extra time or exceed the allotted time, the corresponding charge will be added to your credit card in increments of one hour. If there are more passengers than the vehicle can accommodate, an additional vehicle may be arranged, and you will be billed accordingly. Please be advised that any damage caused by passengers to the vehicle will be assessed and charged to the booking party at the end of the service. By making a booking, you agree to comply with these terms, conditions, and disclaimers.

You are also responsible for ensuring that all passengers are aware of and abide by these terms and disclaimers. We recommend that you inform all passengers to read and acknowledge this disclaimer before getting into the rental vehicle. 
Please be advised that Dynasty Transportation NWA LLC has the right to terminate this rental agreement if any regulations are not complied with. If any violations occur, our chauffeur will promptly end their service and return all passengers to the original pickup location. The entire contract price will be charged if the rental is terminated due to non-compliance.

Mechanical Break Down:

If any vehicle in our fleet experiences a mechanical breakdown, Dynasty will do everything possible to ensure that the event or run is completed on time. We will either repair the vehicle or replace it with another if available. If there is a delay, we will allow extra time if feasible. Our sole discount will be either 15% of the total run price or $95.00 per hour for any time the client has to wait for the service to be completed.

At Dynasty Transportation NWA LLC, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards for all of our vehicles. We guarantee that each vehicle undergoes regular checks to ensure its quality. As stated in the contract, we will provide the requested vehicle to our customers. However, in the case of an emergency breakdown or accident, we reserve the right to upgrade or switch the vehicle. This will only occur in emergency situations and without any additional charges to the customer. If a replacement vehicle is needed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, accidents, or road closures, we will do our best to notify the customer about any resulting delays or changes. We want to ensure that our customers have a safe and enjoyable experience with us, and we stand by our guarantees and contractual terms to the best of our ability.

Inclement Weather:

Weather can always be a factor that none of us can control. When inclement weather comes into the picture, a refund will be given if there is no way the event can be rescheduled. For example, concerts that can’t be rescheduled, unexpected accidents in the family, loss of a loved one. Dynasty will make every effort to reschedule your event as long as the reschedule doesn’t conflict with another run that is already on the books.



Dynasty Transportation NWA LLC will strictly enforce State and Federal Laws and will maintain a zero-tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person, not of legal (21) drinking age. No person shall bring contraband or illegal substances aboard vehicles that are owned or operated by Dynasty Transportation NWA LLC Person(s) under the age of 21 is/are prohibited from consuming any type of alcoholic beverages.

The chauffeur has every right to search the bags inside the vehicle for illegal substances if he feels the group may be in violation of State or Local Laws at any time. If the Chauffeur finds any illegal substance, we reserve the right to terminate the contract at that moment, and it will be the client’s responsibility to make his/her own transportation arrangements at that point. Dynasty Transportation NWA LLC will never leave minors stranded, and the vehicle will wait onsite until all minors are pick-up by their parent(s), legal guardian, and/or responsible party (adult). The full amount of the reservation will be billed, plus any additional applicable wait time charges; absolutely no refunds will be issued.

Dynasty Transportation NWA LLC prohibits travel on unsafe roads. At no time will the Chauffeur operate a vehicle on any type of dirt, gravel, or any other type of unpaved road? The chauffeur has ultimate authority over where he/she drives the vehicle; dangerous and or roads that are too small to navigate can and will be avoided depending on the type of the vehicle. The rules cannot be modified; if a pickup or drop-off location is inaccessible by paved roads, it is the customer’s responsibility to get to and from the vehicle listed on the contract.