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Ultimate Party Kids Party
Dynasty has heard your requests for a Kid’s Birthday party and is ready to make it happen. A great idea was sparked during a night over at Ramey Jr. High. On May 10th, Dynasty brought the Starlight Karaoke Party Bus to the school, allowing kids to take turns playing a couple of songs while enjoying the sound system and singing along with friends. It was a huge success, and the kids had a great time.
Starlight Ramey Jr. High
Starlight Interior
“Here’s a plan for a fun party with the Karaoke Party Bus from Dynasty. Pick a day from Sunday to Thursday and invite about 15-18 guests. Send out invitations for the Ultimate Birthday Party and prepare for a good time. When the party starts, the Karaoke Party Bus will show up and provide Champagne glasses and cold beverages with cups. You’ll need to provide the cake and a camera. The driver will instruct you on how to queue up songs and work the karaoke machine. The party will last about two to three hours, but you can choose a two-hour party if you prefer. The bus will stay at your house for the party, allowing the kids to have a great time while the parents interact with them.”

Want to know more about the cost and setting all of this up then give us a call at 479 443-5466

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