Project Tours

Project Tours

Limo Service Springdale Arkansas

After, and I don’t want to say how many years. I wanted to drive one of our buses that haven’t been out for almost a year because of Covid-19. The run was called Project Tour. Okay, I have done wine and brewery tours on the Ale Trailtours of homes, park tours, and tours of cities like BRANSON, but never a project tour. Again since this bus had not been out for a year, being the owner, I needed to drive it. Just in case it broke down, I think I could develop a better excuse for a call to action. The pick-up was in Bentonville, and the paperwork only had the name of the contact, so really, I was blind at this, except I had all the addresses. I arrived at 702 SE 5th Bentonville, AR 72712 on time and prepared my maps for the run. A little later, the group came out, and we headed to the first stop, an apartment complex.

Now looking at the other address, I understood that we would look at just what the order said “PROJECTS.”
The group was BUF Studio, a full-service architecture studio that focuses on bringing excellence in client experience and thoughtful, balanced design that responds to each unique project’s goals. I saw some pretty cool projects, and the apartment one just blew me away on how they used the wood design.

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