Robert Lit Craig – 99 Years Old

Robert Lit Craig – 99 Years Old

Limo Service Rogers AR

On or about July 14th, my office received either a phone call or an email about someone turning 99 years old, and I remember them putting this note on my desk. I have to admit I was so busy I just pushed it away; I already had more on my plate than I could take care of. I later noticed the note when I was going through a stack of papers and read it. The note was about a person having a birthday that had never ridden in a limousine. So I made the call to the Daughter and asked her a couple of questions about why Dynasty Limousines should be part of this Birthday Party. I asked her if she could write down what she wanted as far as an Itinerary goes, which I received back.

We are requesting the use of a limo on Saturday from Dynasty Transportation, July 17th, from 4:30-6 pm, picking up daddy (Robert Craig), his 4 daughters, and 3 sons-in-law at 888 E. Ash St., Fayetteville.  From there, we would like to go to 1637 E. Ridgeway, Fayetteville, to my daughter’s house (they will be out in the front yard holding signs wishing daddy a Happy Birthday;

from there, we would like to go to 405 E. Maple, Fayetteville (they will also have birthday signs); from there we go cruise UofA campus down Maple Street, to the stadium, turn on Stadium Dr. and go by the frat houses, athletic fields, etc. then to Mermaids via Dickson St. (Daddy was in the crowd when the Hogs beat Tennessee, tore the goalposts down and carried them to Dickson St.!)  I figure this should give us a good little “tour” and take him down, Memory Lane.

Daddy is a WWII veteran and a recipient of the Bronze Star.  He also received 7 service medals, and the Presidential Medal awarded to the servicemen of the 101st following the Battle of the Bulge.  He served in the Army as a paratrooper with the 82nd and 101st, beginning his service in Northern Africa and ending it about 2 years later at the Battle of the Bulge outside Bastogne.  His battalion helped liberate Rome and secured Eagles Nest and the surrounding area when Hitler committed suicide, ending the war with Germany.
After the war, Daddy went home to Batesville, AR, where he had been born (July 18, 1922) and raised.  He graduated from what was then Arkansas College, now Lyon College, and went on to Washington University in St. Louis, MO, where he studied dentistry.  He married a hometown girl and raised 4 daughters in Batesville.  Robert and Patsy celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary before her passing in 2016.
Daddy has been a lifelong outdoorsman enjoying fishing, hunting, and pine tree farming.  He has always been accused of practicing dentistry to support his outdoor hobbies!  He is freest when he is outdoors!  Daddy is a Razorback through and through and still delights in watching them play all sports.
His lifelong motto that he has shared with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren is:
He has never ridden in a limo.
That’s my Daddy!  Robert “Lit” Craig…..99 years young!
Thank you, Brice!
After reading this, there was no way I could say no to a WWII Vet that was celebrating his 99th birthday. GO HOGS!

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