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Affordable Shuttle Bus Service

At Dynasty Transportation, we provide an affordable Shuttle Service in NW Arkansas that you can rely on. If your organization is working within a budget, our service offers a stress-free option for high-quality Corporate Service. Our luxury Shuttle fleet includes options ranging from 24 to 36 passengers, and most of our vehicles are DOT-approved, allowing us to travel throughout Arkansas or even out of state. Choose Dynasty for a comfortable and affordable transportation experience.

Phoenix 36 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Birthday Party Bus in Springdale

The Phoenix shuttle bus offers a great experience with its onboard PA system that allows the host to communicate with passengers. To keep you entertained on longer trips, choose from our selection of videos. The bus also has two under-storage cargo bays and overhead storage compartments on both sides for your baggage, similar to an airplane.

Limo Service Springdale Arkansas

Phoenix Shuttle Bus

Max Seating Capacity


Spirit III 32 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Spirit 3 shuttle Bus

The Spirit III is a robust GMC C5500 with storage compartment above the seats, which also offers comfortable cushioning and an exceptional audio system. It is only 2 feet shorter than the larger Phoenix and can accommodate up to 32 passengers with ample legroom for easy entry and exit from the seats. It is an ideal option for transporting people to weddings, corporate events or any other events.

Spirit 3 Inside

Falcon 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Falcon Bus at the Capitol

The Falcon shuttle bus is ideal for transportation in a smaller-sized vehicle that is still large enough to handle the job. It is suitable for moving guests for a wedding or a simple corporate run, making it perfect for almost any transportation need.

Falcon Seating

Falcon Shuttle Bus

Max Seating Capacity


Odyssey XL Limo/Shuttle Bus

Odyssey at Walton Art Center

Prepare for an exciting party experience with our brand new Odyssey XL. This bus, designed to cater to Party Bus and Shuttle Bus needs, is the second of its kind created by Creative Coachworks in Springdale, AR. Equipped with hundreds of RGB LED lights under the seats, illuminated glass racks, and a lighted bar, the Odyssey XL offers a visually stunning experience. The sound system consists of a Skar 500-watt power amp, powering four Cerwin 6×9 speakers and two Rockville 12″ Power base Speakers, ensuring excellent audio quality. The bus also features diamond stitch Perimeter seating on both sides, providing ample legroom for all passengers.

Charter Bus Tours Limo

Odyssey XL Party Bus

Max Seating Capacity

20 to 22

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